Airline travel as a subscription

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How we do it


Subscribers book their flights using tokens. One token corresponds to a single one-way flight to any of our twenty-nine destinations.

Booking Window

All flights are booked within a 3-10 day window before a flight's departure.


Your comfort is everything to us. Wanderift subscribers will never fly ultra-low-cost carriers, but enjoy even better pricing.

Wander for the right price


The average cost of a roundtrip flight on Wanderift.



The average cost of a roundtrip flight in the US.

No commitment

Wanderift subscriptions are month to month no commitments necessary. Cancel whenever at no cost.

Booking made simple

The Wanderift app makes booking travel easy. Just enter your trip details, and in a matter of seconds your flight is booked, and your itinerary is emailed to you.

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Subscriber markets & Destinations


Available destinations from Atlanta

Goodbye dynamic pricing

4 One-Way Flights

$499/per month

  • - 4 tokens disbursed monthly.
  • - Up to two unused token rolls over.
  • - Book your flights last minute.
  • - Select rewards and loyalty perks for airlines.
  • *some flights subject to availability